The ultimate sailing simulation game

Virtual sailing

Learn to sail, explore the oceans or compete in races
in real-time weather in the most realistic sailing simulator
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"I learned sailing in Sailaway and now I bought my first 2nd hand sailboat"
"I can't sail as often as I'd like, but sailing on my computer has no limitations"
"My sail trim skills have improved dramatically"
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Sailaway is a sailing simulator on a global scale.

Just like in real life sailing from the US to Europe will take several weeks
The boat will continue to sail when you log off
Check in every now and then to adjust sail trim, change course, set a reef or enjoy a sunset
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Simulates the actual weather

Sailaway uses the global weather predictions to simulate wind, clouds and waves for the location of your boat
Check the regular weather forecast services to plan or adjust your journey
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Practise your navigation skills

Contains most buoys and lights
Sun, moon, planets and stars are simulated in the virtual world
In Sailaway III you can even practise your astro navigation skills
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Compete in races

Sailaway II:
Races are organized by you or other sailors
Competing is possible as individual or as team
Or simply set your own waypoints and explore the world

Sailaway III:
Races are organized by sailing clubs
Competing is possible as individual or as team or club
Join an organized flottilja to sail together in a more relaxed way
Or simply set your own waypoints and explore the world

Upcoming events

Fri 2024-09-20 13:00 UTC
SNS: Saint Nicholas Regatta 2024 - Bari, IT (Nord)
Fri 2024-12-06 18:30 UTC
SNS: Saint Nicholas Regatta 2024 - Bari, IT (Mini)
Fri 2024-12-06 18:55 UTC
Hobart - Melbourne (A) (M) 0% Pen.
Sat 2024-07-27 04:00 UTC
Fastnet Race IMOCA class M
Sat 2024-07-27 12:00 UTC
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True sail trim

Sailaway II:
Experience the real time effects of trim line adjustments on sail shape and the behaviour of the boat
Get hints on how to optimize the trim
In Sailaway III this is taken to the next level.
There are no hints, but:
The air flowing around the sail is visualized and follows the curve of the sails
The smallest trim line adjustment will immediately have an effect on the air flow visualization
Learn, practise and experiment to find the optimal settings for your boat


Easy customization

Place your own images and colors anywhere on your boat

And in Sailaway III you can also:
Change trim lines and deck fittings to control the sails however you want
Or apply liveries and deck layouts shared by other sailors


Boat designs

Sailaway II:
Many boat designs available ranging from a Nordic Folkboat to a blazing fast IMOCA
Sailaway III:
Sailors can design and publish their own designs
Easily import 3D models
Tools to add sails, deck hardware, trim lines
Collider meshes and LOD models automatically created
Applied physics will compute realistic behaviour for your design
Automatic boat speed calculations


Socialize and meet other sailors

Invite someone on board
Become part of a sail team
Join a race

And in Sailaway III you can also:
Join a sailing club
Cruise together in a flottilja


Virtual sailing to the next level
Sailaway II:
Available today and used by thousands of sailors
Why wait when you can have so much fun already
Sailaway III:
Buy Sailaway II now and get a free upgrade to Sailaway III
Release in august 2024
Improved and expanded with many new features
Custom boat designer
Custom trim lines and fittings
Air flow visualization
Astro navigation
Water and food supplies