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You declare to agree with the End user license agreement
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The transaction cost are needed to cover the costs charged by our payment provider and banks. The actual costs depend on the payed amount and the payment method used, but to prevent overcomplication a fixed fee of €1,-- is used

To prevent an everlasting debt in our accounting books for the equivalent in euros, the remaining balance of unused accounts needs to be cleared. To prevent this from happening, simply log in to the sailaway game from time to time. And uhm... not needed for the balance, but while you are there, why not sail around a bit and have some fun.
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Sailaway charges a 20% commission as a compensation for the use of the Sailaway tools, the market place and the use of the platform. They are also charged to cover the operational costs and hosting costs of keeping the Sailaway platform alive.

The international bank transaction costs will be charged to the receiver of the amount (BEN). The Euros will be converted into your local currency by your bank and the conversion rate they use may not be optimal. When only selling the minimum of 500 bubbles, the total of these bank costs may be almost as much as the amount itself. And eventhough the beneficiary is charged, Sailaway will still be charged for additional bank costs. Depending on the country, these additional costs may even be higher than our 20% commission.

If you want to reduce these bank costs for your own and Sailaway's benefit, it may be better to use a Paypal account instead of a regular bank. And best try to save up your bubbles for one large transaction instead of several small ones.

Also note that the payout itself is not an automated process at the moment. This means that each individual pay transaction will be handled manually. Since Sailaway is a one-man operation, it may take a few days before the money is transferred on top of the transaction time that the banks will take.