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Sailaway Race Tracker by PeteGreg Shared by Richard Knøél 18 votes
Sailaway to NMEA Shared by Richard Knøél 17 votes
Sailaway to NMEA source project Shared by Richard Knøél 16 votes
Windy Shared by Tonique 16 votes
qtVlm Navigation and Weather Routing software Shared by Richard Knøél 15 votes
Sailaway website Shared by Richard Knøél 14 votes
Open sea map Shared by Richard Knøél 13 votes
PiroSail Tracker Shared by Tonique 12 votes
Organize races Shared by Richard Knøél 11 votes
Organize challenges Shared by Richard Knøél 10 votes
Phare de l'ile Vierge Shared by RolandAgle 9 votes
Fastseas Shared by Tonique 5 votes
Phare du Plateau du Four Shared by RolandAgle 5 votes
Monte Igueldo Lighthouse Shared by RolandAgle 2 votes
Port of Ischia (Naples) Shared by RolandAgle 1 votes
REGATE SCF T [RUS] Shared by 4exan 1 votes
Forte Stella Portoferraio (Elba Island) Shared by RolandAgle 0 votes
Ponza Punta della Guardia Shared by RolandAgle 0 votes
Punta dello Scorno Lighthouse (Asinara Island - Sardinia) Shared by RolandAgle 0 votes
The Pierres Noires lighthouse, Finistere, Brittany Shared by RolandAgle 0 votes
VLM-Beta Shared by Tonique 0 votes

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