Frequently asked questions

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When will Sailaway III be released
In october 2023 an alpha version will be released. Apart from testing, it is also meant to be used for content creation. Sailors can help by creating boats, liveries, deck layouts, ports, tutorials, etc. They can also help by adding translations.
When sufficient content is available, the development is finished and when the testing is done, the game will be released. This is targeted for summer 2024.
But in the meantime, you can still enjoy Sailaway II.
How do I upgrade from Sailaway II to Sailaway III
Sailaway II and III are two entirely different games. Both will live side by side. Sailors may prefer to keep using Sailaway II for various reasons.
How much will Sailaway III cost
The purchase price will be very low when compared to Sailaway II.
Will there be a special price for Sailaway II owners
There will be a temporary offer for SA2 owners upon release.
Where can I buy Sailaway
Sailaway III is not yet released, but Sailaway II is available on this website
Or you can buy it on Steam (Sailaway II Pro ony) –
These are the only places that sell and distribute Sailaway. If you see the game on sale elsewhere it is safe to assume it is not legitimate and you should not purchase it. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!
What platforms is Sailaway available on
Sailaway can be played on PC and Mac. The minimum requirements can be found here
What languages is Sailaway available in
Sailaway II is playable in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian & Japanese.
Please note there may sometimes be small gaps in localised text. In those cases the english word or sentence will be used instead.
Sailaway III is translated by sailors and will be available in many languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch. If your language is not available and you want to help, please contact us.
Can I install Sailaway on multiple computers
Yes, you can install it anywhere you like, At work, at home and on your laptop without having to pay multiple times, since the license is registered to your Sailaway account, not to your computer.
But you can not log in on 2 computers at the same time.
Should I buy a Steam version or download from the Sailaway website
When you buy Sailaway via the Steam store, Sailaway will pay a commission. Buying Sailaway from this website will save us that commission fee. You can still add Sailaway to your Steam games library if you buy it on this website.
During the buy process, you are prompted if you want to play via Steam or if you want a direct download. When you opt for Steam, you will receive a code that you can use to unlock Sailaway in your Steam client. Or you can of course buy Sailaway directly from the Steam store.
If you opt for direct download, you receive a Setup program or a Mac disc image to install Sailaway on your computer. There are installation instructions for Windows and for MacOS X
What is Steam
Steam is a digital distribution platform for games and software that includes helpful integrated features such as forums, guides and automatic updates. If you would like to know more please visit:
I purchased a Steam key for the game, how do I redeem it
You will need to add the key to your Steam account, there is a step-by-step instruction here
Can I buy Sailaway II Basic on Steam
No, on Steam you can only buy a Sailaway II Pro license. Sailaway Free and Sailaway Basic are only available on this website
I have Sailaway on my computer, can I add it to my Steam library
No, once you bought your license for a direct install on your computer, it can not be moved to Steam anymore.
I have Sailaway on Steam, can I install it locally instead
Yes, you can install Sailaway as often as you like. But you can only use it on one install at the a time.

How do I control my boat
For Sailaway II, the best way is to find out the controls is to start Sailaway and to click on the Question Mark ? in the top right corner of the screen. A little menu will drop down. Click on the first option underneath the question mark. You will now see a list of all the controls.
Most of these keyboard shortcuts can be adjusted in the main menu (press ESC key) under Options - Gameplay.
What are bubbles
Bubbles are the in-game currency to buy boats and many other things. You will receive an initial amount of bubbles upon purchase of Sailaway III. This should be enough to buy a boat and set sail. Extra bubbles can be bought later if needed. But this is optional. There is no need to buy extra bubbles if you just want to sail, race, have fun or customize your boat yourself.
It is even possible to earn bubbles. For instance by making a beautiful livery and selling this to other sailors. The earned bubbles can be exchanged for real money.
Very important: Sailaway III is NOT a pay to win game. It is not possible to make a boat go faster by spending more bubbles.
What are challenges
A challenge in Sailaway is a predefined journey that can be sailed at your own convenience. The fastest time to complete the journeys is registered. Challenges are useful for records attempts like the fastest to cross the Atlantic, or for adventurous journeys.
What event types does Sailaway III offer
In Sailaway III the events offer a few extra options. The most common event type is a Race, but races can now also have a flexible start period. This is particularly useful if sailors live in different timezones. Instead of the finish date and time, the sailed time is measured for a race with a flexible start. Of course an ordinary race with a fixed start time is still possible.
The challenges that you may know for Sailaway II are still there and work mostly in the same way.
For sailors who like the social aspect of sailing together but aren't keen on trying to beat the other boats to the finish, there is the Flottilja. This is a laid out route with a fixed or flexible start time, but without a leaderboard.
Lastly you can define a Cruise, which is a laid out route that can be sailed at your own convenience and in your own pace.
Where does the Sailaway weather come from
The weather info is downloaded from NOAA. Sailaway uses the FPS, 0.25 degree, 6 hours in advance prediction tables. These predictions are then gradually applied to the weather in Sailaway.
How can I help with translating
Send an email to and we'll apply the necessary authorisation to your account
How can I help with editing the water depth or create nice ports
Send an email to and we'll apply the necessary authorisation to your account
Where can I find the log file
On PC:
Open Windows Explorer
Go to C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\LocalLow\Orbcreation BV\Sailaway\
and locate the files called Player-prev.log and Player.log
Right-click the files one by one and select "Send to" and then email to send them to
On Mac:
Open a Finder window
On the Menu bar, go to Go > Go to Folder
In the dialog that comes up, put in "~/Library/Logs/Orbcreation BV/Sailaway/" and click Go
Locate the "Player-prev.log" and "Player.log" files in that folder.
Right-click the files one by one and select "Share" and then email to send them to

It is always dark when I log in
Sailaway aims to be a realistic sailing simulator for long voyages. This is why it has almost no compromises. It uses real time and the real positions of stars, moon, planets and the sun. It would be weird to see the sun shining when in reality it should be night. Or see the sun appear next to a full moon in the sky.

That means that it is dark when it is dark at the coordinates of your boat. However, the world is a very big place and it’s a sphere. It is always light somewhere. The easiest way is to teleport somewhere with a more convenient timezone.

If you want to sail near your home town and you only have time at night this can be a bit limiting. This is why there is an option in Sailaway III that lets you change the time of day temporarily.
Why do I sometimes run aground in a harbour
The used heightmaps are not perfect. Orbcreation BV does not have the resources for that. But it is possible to correct any errors yourself. Sailaway III has a very handy tool called the World Editor. Any edits you make will be available to all other sailors. Send an email to to obtain the necessary authorisations. Together we can make the world more accurate step by step.
The translations are not always correct
If you want to help make the better or more complete, send an email to We can give you access to the translations and you can edit them for yourself and for other sailors .
My camera keeps moving or spinning
There is probably a gamecontroller connected to your computer. One of the axis of the gamecontroller constantly returns a non-zero value. You can configure your gamecontroller in the main menu under Options, Gameplay and then scroll down. Disconnecting the gamecontroller should also solve the problem.
It is also possible that you have set the graphic quality too high. Your computer is so busy that it is not able to keep up with the keyboard and mouse controls anymore. You can reduce the graphics quality when you go to the main menu (ESC key) and then to Options - Video. The biggest effect on performance will be the video resolution setting. Then the video quality and then the other settings.
Sailaway is sometimes unresponsive, pauses every now and then, or the image stutters
Your computer probably can't keep up with the keyboard and mouse controls or the video anymore. You need to reduce the graphics settings. Go to the main menu (ESC key) and then go to Options - Video. The biggest effect on performance will be the video resolution setting. Then the video quality and then the other settings.
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