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Optimize sail trim

The boats in Sailaway are equipped with a full range of trim lines for each sail. Outhauls, cunninghamholes, barberhaulers, travellers, backstays, everything to give full control over the shape of the sails. This shape will not only change visibly when a trim line is adjusted, but this will also affect airflow and ultimately boat speed just like it would in the real world.

Education and practice

Each of the trim lines has a label that will explain it's working and when pulled or eased the effect on the shape of the sail is show both in numbers and in the actual sail shape. To help you determine how the curve of the sail should ideally be, there is a handy panel that will show the optimal shape and the difference with the current shape and also suggests which trim line to adjust. There are tutorials in the simulation that explain the workings of the trim lines and explain what the optimal shape of the sails should be for various conditions and courses.


There are various skills level that will assist you with operating the boat and optimising the performance. These skills levels range from steer only, to operating the sheets to no help at all. When the systems pulls or eases a line for you it will show what it is doing so you can observe.
In the more advanced skills level you can press the "helping hand" button that will optimise the trim at your request.

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