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Navigate coastal waters

Over 500,000 buoys, lights and other seamarks will help you navigate along your favourite coastline.

You can plan your trip, set waypoints and avoid shallow areas and rocks. For some areas the community members have made high detailed height maps and even added accurate models of real world buildings, structures and lighthouses. The rest of the world will display buildings from Open Streetmap.

Although this is all really cool and great fun, please understand that the world is very big place. The terrain heights alone take up terabytes of storage. It is simply not possible for a project like Sailaway to maintain these amounts of data and to deliver them to your computer in real time. Sailaway therefor simulates the coastlines, harbours and water depths as accurately as it can within reasonable limitations of download size, storage size and maintenance. In our opinion that's fine, because this simulation is about sailing rather than accurately displaying coastal scenery.

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