About Sailaway


Sailaway is a virtual sailing environment. It simulates sailing in various boats in a realistic way. The boats vary from a small wooden Nordic Folkboat to super fast racers like an Imoca with foils.

The MMO open world has the same size and shape as the real world. This also means that the sailing distances are the same as in the real world. Sailing from Europe to the US will take several weeks. But don't worry, because when you log off, your boat will continue to sail to the next waypoint

It is a multiplayer game for sailing where you may encounter other boats, sail together on the same boat or compete against others in races. The are many races and other sailing events like flottiljas organized in Sailaway by the active community.

During your sailing journey, you will experience the same weather as the real world experiences. When it storms in the real world, there will be a storm with dark clouds and huge waves in the virtual world as well. And when there is no wind in the real world, your boat will float helplessly in the vast ocean waiting for a breeze, while there is nothing you can do.

Sailing in this sailing simulation is more than plotting a course and setting sail. You need to raise and reef your sails, pull the sheets and adjust all the trim lines yourself. If you are not an expert in this, there are various difficulty levels that will help you. The trim lines have an immediate visible effect on the shape of the sails and the boat will react accordingly.

Many people without any sailing experience have become true sailors by learning the basics of sailing in Sailaway. There is even a public school that uses Sailaway to educate the children in sailing. But also experienced sailors improved their sailing skills with Sailaway. It helps them with a better understanding of sail trim and tactics through practice.

The position of the sun, moon, the planets and the stars is simulated accurately for the position of your boat and the time. This also means that it may be pitch dark when you log in if your boat is on a latitude and longitude that is currently in the dark.

The buoys, lights and other seamarks of the real world are also present in the virtual environment of Sailaway. You will find the coastal waters at night filled with the rhythmic flashing of red, white and green lights according to their light signatures. They are a perfect way to practice your navigation skills.

Sailaway II and Sailaway III

The current available version of the sailing simulation is Sailaway II and a new version called Sailaway III is in development.

Sailaway II has been around for a while and many sailors enjoy it on a daily basis. It has everything needed for a fun time on the virtual waters and will continue to be supported after Sailaway III is released. The two versions will co-exist, because some sailor swill prefer this version or have a computer that is not powerful enough for Sailaway III.

A lot of development time has gone into Sailaway II and as it often goes with projects that are close to the heart: When it is finished, you have learned so much about the details, the structure and the design, that you know exactly how you would build it the next time. Often there is no next time due to budgetary reasons. But sailing is too addictive to ignore that itch. This is why a new project was started in 2020. A project with no deadline and no boundaries. It will be released as Sailaway III in 2024, but is in fact a completely new sailing simulation game.
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