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Race against others

Since all sailboats are in the same world and can see each other, it is also possible to race together. Sailaway has a system in place that will display a start line, race buoys and an automatic finish line. The start countdown is the same as in the real world with flag and sound signals.


The race agenda is full of races that are organised by the community of sailors. You can see the current agenda here. There are long distance races that will take several days or even months to complete. And of course there are also shorter races where there is more direct interaction between the boats.

Race together

Instead of all competitors sailing in their own boat, you can also assemble a crew and sail together on 1 boat. To prevent an unfair advantage, race organisers may limit the number of sailors on one boat.

Race without a fixed starttime

A race always starts at a certain time and date, which means that you need to be online at that time. As an alternative there is also the concept of "Challenges". These are layed out tracks that can be sailed at your convenience. The sailor with the fastest time holds the record. You can compare this with the Jules Verne Trophy or tha Transatlantic record.

Race Teams

Sailaway II Pro has the ability to start or join a race team. Teams can have their own team boats and compete as a team rather than individuals. There is an automatic ranking of teams and in the future there will also be races solely for teams. Think of the America's Cup or the (Volvo) Ocean Race


Race results and challenge results are automatically computed and made public on the website and inside the simulator. On top of that there are automatic rankings for best sailor of the month, best long distance sailor, etc.

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