Sailaway III Alpha version


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Current alpha version

Watch the introduction video of Sailaway III alpha 8 here

There are 8 alpha versions in total. Each alpha version contained newly added features. The primary purpose of the alpha versions was to provide early access to content creation. The next trial version will be beta 1 and it will be released in june. In the beta phase there are no new functions added, but instead the existing functions will be improved and any remaining bugs will be hunted down.

Have a look at the Trello board to see where we're at.

The current alpha 8 version contains adds sounds, music, game controller support and wind shadowing.


The alpha versions are the intermediate result of the development process and are not the finished end product.

The visuals aren't optimal yet and various functions may be lacking. Either because they aren't build yet or because they do not serve the specific purpose of the alpha version.

You can follow the development progress on this Trello board

Bug reporting

If you encounter any problems, experience a bug, see something you do not like, have a suggestion, or anything else that might help Sailaway III to become better, you are invited to report it. Send an email to

I understand that this may result in many emails and I therefor ask for your cooperation. When you encounter a bug, see if you can reproduce it. Try to keep your emails brief and to the point. Report the bug, how to trigger it and if possible add a screenshot and your log file. Do not send any videos. And check if your bugs is already present on the Trello board.

Content creation

You can design your own boat, enhance a port, set up tidal currents, share useful links or videos, create a sailing club or a team. Or design an instrument, a livery or an alternative deck layout for a boat.

To edit the world, the waterlevel, tidal current or seamarks you will need a specific authorization. Simply send an email to and I will set you up.


You can also help by making Sailaway III available in your native language by editing the translations of all words and sentences used in the game. If you are willing to help with this, send an email to so I can add the necessary authorizations to your account.


The download link of the alpha 8 version will be available until the release of beta 1 in June.

Download and installation

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