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Installation instructions for Mac

1. Click the download link on this website.

2. Some browsers will ask you if you want to open the file with DiskImageMounter. Click "OK".
Other browsers will simply start the download or ask you if the website can be trusted.

3. Downloading takes a while. You can check the download status in your browser.

4. When the download is ready, some browsers will automatically open this window.
If yours doesn't, doubleclick the downloaded file or click "Open".

5. Drag the Sailaway icon on top of the Applications folder icon and drop it there.

6. Double click the Applications folder, look up Sailaway
Right click Sailaway until a popup menu opens.
Select "Open"

7. Apple presents a warning that it cannot check Sailaway for any malicious content. But rest assured, we have no criminal intent whatsoever and our software is completely safe.
Click 'Open'

Depending on your security settings, the 'Open' button may not appear or you may get a warning message saying " can't be opened because Apple can not check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." The only 'malicious' thing here is that Sailaway is not sold via the Apple App Store at 30% commission, nor do I pay them annually for a developer subscription. At you can find instructions on how to overcome this problem.

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