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Sailaway III

Developing Sailaway III is an enormous project. I work on it full time and more than that when possible. The work started in march 2020 and a lot of progress has been made. So far, the new simulator looks and feels wonderful in terms of design, performance and functionality.

An expected release date can not yet be given to make sure that every aspect of the development receives the attention that it deserves. A deadline would introduce limits, where I want this project to be without compromises. But don't worry, Sailaway III will not become an endless project that never finishes. It will be released sooner than you may think and it will be awesome.

You can follow the progress on this Trello board

Development videos:

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21. Cape Wrath
20. First meters
19. Forces
18. Sailing UI
17. A typical day
16. Controls
15. Tracing the hull shape
14. Boat specs and struggles
13. Materials and textures
12. Adding hardware in the boat designer
11. Trim lines work!
10. Trim lines starting to work
9. 2D Trim line behaviour
8. Deck hardware logic 2
7. Deck hardware logic
6. Deck hardware
5. Sail aerodynamics
4. Visualizing airflow
3. Intelligent sails
2. About Sailaway III
1. About me

Other videos:

Creating a boat in the boat designer
Editing a race course
Volumetric clouds
Me caught in action (behind the scenes while developing new UI controls)

More info on some finished parts of Sailaway III:

Under the hood
User interface
Currents and tide
Sea marks
Camera effects
Sailor's suggestions
Sailor profiles
Sailing clubs
Event organization
In-game text/voice communication

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