Sailaway III Development Progress

The Sailaway III project

As if often goes when you develop something, the first results is not perfect. Then you make improvements and extensions to the first project. But since the structure was not optimal to begin with, you run into limitations. That's why the development of the third iteration has started from scratch. This was in march 2020.

The ambitions were high and it soon became an enormous project. I have worked on it full time and more when possible. But it is more than worth it. The new simulator looks and feels wonderful and it has truly become a sailing simulator.

Upgrading to Sailaway III will not be mandatory. Sailaway II will continue to exist for sailors who are nostalgic or whose computer isn't up for the requirements of Sailaway III.

When will it be ready

Currently a series of public alpha versions is being released. They are available for download for everyone with a Sailaway II Pro license. Each time more functions of the game are opened up.

The alpha versions are meant for testing and for content creation. Because a virtual sailing world is more than a nice application, it requires boats, ports, clubs, tutorials, translations, events and much more.

When sufficient content is available, the development is finished and when the testing is done, the game will be released. This is targeted for August 2024. But in the meantime, don't forget that you can still enjoy Sailaway II.

Details about the current alpha version can be found here

You can follow the development progress on this Trello board

Current work focuses on offline sailing and a custom tutorial builder function.

Documentation (ongoing work and not yet complete):
- Sailaway guide
- Boat designer
- World editor


Do you have a Steam account? Please go to the Steam Store and put Sailaway III on your wishlist.

Development videos:

Support the development

Sailaway III is funded by the small income that Sailaway II provides and with my private reserves. Some of you have been so generous to make a voluntary donation.

I think that is fantastic and want to thank you personally.