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Grass and tree soil textures are automatically placed on the terrain by the internal algorithm, that uses climate and satellite data to determine the type and amount of vegetation.

Trees and plants

The system uses a spiraling invisible billboard to display trees and plants. Each land tile has it's own trees. This makes it possible to show thousands of trees from nearby to a distance of 30 km. The types of trees and plants are automatically chosen based on climate.


Leafs are more bright green in spring and darker in summer, turning to yellow/red in autumn. This effect is automatically simulated in Sailaway III based on the time of year and the climate. In winter the trees may also carry snow.

Vegetation editor

The automatically generated vegetation can be manipulated with a vegetation painter that works similar to the terrain height painter. You can paint trees or grass with a brush in the world and thus increase or decrease the automatically computed levels for that spot.

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