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Cloud layers

The sky is made up of 8 layers with clouds or mist. The layers are from top to bottom: - Cirrus
- Cirrocumulus
- Cirrostratus
- Altocumulus
- Altostratus
- Cumulus
- Nimbostratus
- Mist
All layers are lit at different angles by the sun which will result in stunning sunsets.

Cumulus clouds

The cumulus layer is filled with 3D clouds that travel across the sky. The clouds are lit at the actual angles, creating a beautiful sky.


The fog layer also has a 3rd dimension. When looking up in less dense fog, the sky behind will be better visible than looking horizontal.

Sun, moon, planets

The positions of the sun, the moon and the planets are exact, using NASA data. This will enable celestial navigation. The names of the planets can be displayed to help locating them.


The stars are in very high resolution (96K). They twinkle depending on the amount of water in the atmosphere and the color is affected by the viewing angle. The positions are exact for celestial navigation.

Constellations and names

To help with orientation, lines connecting the stars that make up the constellations can be made visible through the sky popup menu. This will also display the constellation names and the names of the planets.

Sky background

The Rayleigh scattering effect is simulated to display a realistic sky color at any time of the day.

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