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The database consists of over 350,000 seamarks. Placing new seamarks or changing existing ones can be done from within the map. Click on the seamark or the location and choose "add seamark" or "edit seamark" from the popup menu.
After selecting the seamark type it will be displayed in the map and in the world, which makes editing easy and direct.

3D models

The build in models are all optimized and improved for Sailaway III. There are 5 buoy shapes, 10 top marks, 4 lighthouse models, 11 offshore platforms, 8 different rocks, 3 different shipwrecks and an interactive wind turbine. It is also possible to upload and use a custom lighthouse model.

Light characteristic

The light characteristic can be set using a simple text string: Fl G 5s for a green light that flashes every 5 seconds. (more info here...).

Fog signal

Seamarks can be given a fog signal which will automatically be activated when the visibility decreases.

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