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Sailor profiles

Find another sailor

There is a new horizontal scroll selector to find a sailors. You can use a filter or a search criterium to narrow the search. Each sailor shows with a picture, a motto and the total miles sailed.

Sailor information

Clicking on a sailor will bring up his/her profile. It shows a picture, a motto, where he/she lives, the total miles sailed, the badges earned, the challenge records on his/her name and the races won. It also shows any pictures uploaded by the sailor, all the boats owned and their current status and it shows the sailing club memberships.


Editing your own profile is easy. But now that the sailor profiles are more omnipresent and more interesting to look at, it is much more rewarding to put some effort in your own presentation.


Sailors can acquire a homeport. This is a region in the world that is considered theirs. They can edit it by improving the terrain, adding vegetation and adding buildings. And they can dock the boats that are not currently underway.

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