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Route planning

Routes are sets of waypoints on the map that make up a track. Routes are saved per sailor, per club and per team.

Sailing offline

A boat will only sail when you are not online if a route has been set out for it. When the next waypoint is against the wind direction, the boat will have to tack to get there. The algorithm that determines when to tack is now more efficient. The boat will now be affected by wind shifts and gusts when it is sailing offline as well. Tacking costs time which is also applied when sailing offline. Because of these changes, the speed penalty for sailing offline has been removed.

New route

Creating a new route can be done by clicking your boat on the map and select "New route" from the popup menu. It is also possible to Open the "My routes" window and click the Add button. If you are sailing a team boat, the route will be owned by the team. When you're on a club boat, the route will be owned by the club.

Editing a route

Click a waypoint and select "Move waypoint" from the popup menu. You can now drag the waypoint anywhere you like. To add a waypoint, click in the middle of a line on the route and select "Add waypoint" from the popup menu. The new waypoint will appear and you can drag it to it's location. To delete a waypoint, click it and select "Delete waypoint" from the popup menu.

Setting waypoints as passed

Click a waypoint and select "Set waypoint passed" from the popup menu. This waypoint and all previous waypoints will be marked as passed and the route will turn dark up to the clicked waypoint indicating that is marked as passed. To mark a waypoint as NOT passed, click a passed waypoint and select "Set as next waypoint" from the popup menu. This waypoint and all subsequent waypoints will be unmarked and light up again.

Mark a section as a narrow passage

Click on the line of a section and select "Tacking: Follow rump line" from the popup menu. The line will be shown as a double line, indicating that the boat will try to stick close to the line and tack or gybe when needed. This feature can help to prevent the boat from running aground. If there are extra tacks needed because of activating this, those tacks will cost some extra time.


The optimal angle for tacking against the wind when the boat sails offline can now be set manually. By default the autopilot will try to compensate for current and adjust the heading of the boat. It will try to sail a straight line to the next waypoint if possible. But when sailing the section takes longer than a tidal cycle and there is enough water next to the line, this is not the most efficient way. In that case it is better to let the boat drift away from the rump line and later drift back with the opposite tide. You can therefor switch the current compensation off or on.

My routes window

To open the window with all your saved routes you can click anywhere in the map and select "My routes' from the popup menu. It will show a list of all your saved routes. If you are sailing a team boat, the routes of the team will be shown. If you are sailing a club boat, the routes of the club will be shown. In the "My routes" window you can start a route, edit a route, export a route as GPX file, duplicate a route or delete one. At the bottom there are 2 additional functions: Import a GPX file and Create a new route at the location of your boat.

Sharing routes

When you go to "Sailor's Suggestions" in the main menu, you can add a new suggestion, then add a route to the suggestion and select a route from the My routes window that will be opened. The My routes window will in this case always show the routes owned by you, eventhough you may be sailing on a team or club boat.

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