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Popup menu

There are no buttons in the map anymore. Clicking anywhere on the map wil open a popup menu that shows the depth and gives access to functions like "teleport here" and "go to camera".


Height maps are loaded asynchronously and whenever possible they are read from the local cache. The translation from the height samples to the pixels of the map is done in separate threads using the DOTS system (more info here...). This makes loading the map significantly faster.

Satellite imagery

To place a satellite image over the current map, you can click in the map and choose "satellite image" from the popup menu. The satellite image will be displayed on top of the map and can be adjusted if needed. It's opacity can be adjusted with a slider.

Map overlay

To use a nautical chart you can upload any image and place it on the map as an overlay. The corners can be dragged to adjust the position and the opacity can be changed with a slider underneath the map.

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