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Camera effects

Wet lens

When the rain hits the camera (based on wind and movement of the camera) droplets will remain. The droplets display the world around them like a tiny lens and create a "wet look" effect.

Sun flare

Looking directly into the sun or the moon will result in a lens flare effect. The lens flare is blocked or diminished when the sun is (partially) behind a mountain or an object.

Dirty lens

Looking into the light will display dust and dirt on the lens.

Noise grain

When there is ample light or when there is a lot of mist or a strong wind and rain, tiny specks of noise are applied to the screen that are hardly visible, but increase the effect of the atmosphere.

Saturation filter

At night a human being con not see any color. In Sailaway this effect is implemented by reducing the saturation as the light reduces. On a bright day the saturation is slightly exaggerated to give a more sunny feeling.

Color filter

The colors are adjusted based on light color, time of day and climate.

Anti aliasing

This effect will reduce sawtooth edges.

Auto focus

When looking at an object close by, the distance will become blurred. When looking at something in the distance an nearby object will become blurred. This effect was already present in Sailaway II, but is now much more realistic and adapts very smooth to what is happening in the screen.

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