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Chat and voice communication

Sailaway has intergrated Vivox voice and text for secure in-game communication. Every sailor is automatically connected to several channels:
- the main channel for world and/or friends text chat
- a text channel for each club you are a member of
- a text channel for each team you are a part of
- a text/voice channel for the race or event you are participating in
- a text/voice channel for the people on board
Each channel has it's own color to quickly recognize it. The broadcast channel can quickly be changed with the scrollwheel, the tab key or with the up/down arrow buttons next to the channel name.


Upon startup you get a message that shows which of your friends are online. Incoming text communication can be filtered to only show messages from the people on your friends list.

Club and team announcements

Someone with the role of Commodore or Organizer can send announcements and other messages to all members of the sailing club. In the same manner can someone with the role of Manager or Skipper send messages to all members of a team. There is a filter option available to skip these messages.

Race / event communication

Competitors in a race or partipants in a cruise event are connected to their own channel and can communicate through text and voice with eachother.

Crew communication

If there are multiple people on board, everyone will be connected to a separate channel for communication on board with text and voice.

Text history

You can scroll through the list of received messages if you've missed something. It is also possible to read messages back that were filtered out. For now, the history is limited to 500 messages but if needed, this can be increased. When you scroll through the messages, new incoming messages will be added to the bottom and will not affect scrolling. However, make sure you scroll back to the very bottom to activate the auto scroll function again, which will automatically show any new messages and push the previous ones up until they fade.

Direct messages

When you select a sailor from your friends list or from the list of all users, you can send them a direct message that only they can read. The message will appear in a separate window to keep the different communication channels separate.

Sharing URL's and coordinates

If the display routines identify a URL in the typed text, a button that says "Open URL" will automatically appear underneath the message. If a set of coordinates is recognized, a button to show the coordinates on the map will appear. Coordinates are recognized in degrees with decimals format, degrees + minutes with decimals format and degrees, minutes, seconds format. They can be placed in the message from within the map, by hand or copy-pasting.

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