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Open Streetmap

Buildings defined in OSM are automatically imported into Sailaway. The available data is insufficient to determine the appearance of a building or sometimes even the height. To accommodate for this as much as possible, a texture is automatically determined based on the area and low rectangular buildings are equipped with a roof.

Object library

There is an extensive library of 3D models to create ports, streets, docks and buildings. The objects can simply be placed in the world and then dragged, scaled and rotated to fit the needs. The pier and quay wall segments can be extended without stretching the texture on them.

User defined objects

You can upload 3D models to place your own custom buildings or objects in the world. The buildings can have multiple materials and multiple textures. It is now also possible to make them extra realistic by uploading normal maps.

When you upload a lighthouse, you can set the position of the light and select an existing seamark to replace. If a building also exists in Open Streetmap, you can click the OSM building to replace it with your own.

Existing SA2 buildings

Buildings like the San Francisco Bridge or the Statue of Liberty are copied from Sailaway II and placed automatically in the world.

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