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Sailaway 0.1 ready

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 by Richard Knol

After a year of hard work, the very first representable version of Sailaway has been released. It is being tested by a select groups of real life sailors.

In this version the most challenging obstacles have been taken, like rendering massive ocean waves and making the boat respond, move and feel like the real thing.

Available in Sailaway 0.1:
- Actual weather from NOAA
- Landmasses from NASA heightmap data
- Simulation of ocean waves with little performance impact
- Realistic cloud rendering
- Actual positions of sun, moon, planets and stars
- Control of sails and sail shape with realistic trim lines and winches
- Teleport to locations using geonames.org
- Realistic boat physics and behaviour
- All forms of wet inconveniences like rain, drizzle, snow, fog, wet boat surfaces and droplets on camera lens
- Simulation of boat wake and waves
- Sound effects

Be sure to check out the Gallery page where you can find some nice screenshots

The first public version Sailaway 1.0 will be available november 3th, 2016.

To give you an idea of our time schedule, here's our planning for 2016:
Version 0.1 (january 2016)
- basic sailing
- sail trim
- real time weather
- sun, moon, planets and celestial positions

Version 0.2 (february 2016)
- set destination and waypoints
- offline sailing

Version 0.3 (march 2016)
- boat configurator
- real time shipping

Version 0.4 (april 2016)
- multi-user sailing
- invite friends

Version 0.5 (may 2016)
- on screen map
- detailmap editor
- night lights

Version 0.6 (june 2016)
- tidal current
- ocean colors
- sea life (dolphins etc)

Version 0.7 (august 2016)
- interactive tutorials

Version 0.8 (september 2016)
- payment interface (sorry)

Version 1.0 beta (october 2016)
- multi platform support

Public release 1.0 (november 3rd, 2016)

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