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Progress on multi-user support

Posted on Feb 28, 2016 by Richard Knol

Past week work has focused on establishing connections with a multi-user server. This server will redirect boat updates to other users so their programs can render the other boats in the correct location.

In a normal game, the users connect to a room and then share updates about 10 times per second. But this is not a nomal game. Boats can be on opposit sides of the globe and don't need to be bothered with hundreds or thousands of position updates from boats they can't possibly see anyway. The sailaway multi-user engine makes use of a combination of database info and online updates.

The position and all relevant data of a boat is stored in the database. This info is also updated when you are not online. Each online boat will query the database for any boats in the neighbourhood and if there are any, it will connect to the multi-user server. It will then start sending and receiving frequent updates, so that both boats know everything about eachother and can be shown on the screens of both users. This part is now working pretty good.

It also should be able to sail with multiple people on the same boat. This is another form of multi-user communication and it will hopefully be dealt with this week. I'll keep you posted.

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