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Polar graph

Posted on Feb 13, 2016 by Richard Knol

I found that the upwind performance of the default Sailaway boat in version 0.2 was not what I had expected. Before I would started tweaking the numbers I wrote a little program that would render a polar graph to give a better insight.

What I found really cool was that even without tweaking the formula's and simply by using the interaction between windspeed, apparent wind, heel, wind drag, water drag, weather helm, etc the graph looked very much like the polar diagram of a real boat. It made me love math even more than I already did.

The only little cheat I had to add was a tiny boost of the upwind performance. And here's the result.

But these charts are not always entirely fair. Choppy seas, worn sails, imperfect sailtrim and many other influences have a negative impact on performance. Therefor I made the algorithm render another graph in order to compare the optimal sail trim to a terrible sail trim.

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